What do site awards panels search for? The organisers of The Lovie Awards show the components for constructing a world class site – and – examples of real world websites which showcase them.

When it is a salute on line or a large, star-studded occasion, it is always good to get international fame to your job.

However, what constitutes an award-winning site? How can site awards judges decide about which layout are worthy?

We requested the organisers of their Lovie Awards to describe what they search for in entrants for this esteemed Europe-wide contest, and also to supply a few examples of winning sites which have put those principles to practice.

01. Navigation and structure

Websites should have great navigation and structure so as to be consistent, clear and intuitive. Your clients and readers shouldn’t need to look far and wide to discover what they’re searching for; rather, your website’s navigation must get them where they wish to go fast and give easy accessibility to the website’s content.

This site uses simplicity to its own benefit and actually shows that occasionally’less is more’. The simple structure makes sure that consumers visiting the site can navigate through plenty of content with ease – this really is a terrific way to create a loyal customer base, as customers may trust they may use the site free of fuss.

The likes of BBC Food is indeed populous with advice the cleaner and simpler the design is, the odds of visitors coming to utilize the website again is large, and the material is actually capable to sing.

02. Content

For a site to be engaging, then it ought to get great content that’s relevant and appropriate to the audience. The information on your website has to be concise and clear as it functions as a voice to your brand and conveys your company’s unique motto and point of view. It could be informative, helpful, or humorous but it always leaves you wanting more.

Noisey is a music movie driven platform, showcasing the many gifted emerging musicians from all around the world. It has articles from music and circles scenes from over 10 states which makes it one of the most populated audio websites on the internet. The website is simple to use and provides an advanced user experience.

03. Visual experience

Visual layout means more than simply having a fairly homepage. It does not need to be cutting edge or cool, but ought to be high quality, appropriate, and relevant to the audience and the message it’s supporting. Your site’s design conveys a visual experience for the visitors and permits them to become more engaged with your own content.

Immersive Design is a superbly crafted site that reveals true experience in regards to visual layout. Users are genuinely able to experience and discuss the vision of their gifted web designer, providing them a true urge to browse through and keep exploring the website, searching out content. Ideally, you need visitors to have lost in the pages of your site.

04. Interactive experience

The internet is a many-to-many connection, not a one-to-many connection, such as TV. Audiences prefer to socialize with the website, along with different members that are using it, and straight with the folks making it. Supporting these kind of interactions – if it’s message boards to the community to speak to another or a strong and well-executed social networking strategy – is exactly what retains websites engaging.

As the show evolved, episode by episode, fresh resources to support the narrative were uploaded as’evidence’ into the website so audiences could keep their interaction with the programme, personalities and storylines beyond their tv screens.

This led to a superior, lively, engaging and enjoyable experience for lovers of the series whilst simultaneously making the characters richer and providing the show additional durability and ethics.

05. Overall experience

The main point is that you would like your clients and customers to have a favorable overall experience which entices them to reevaluate your site.

Users that have an overall fantastic experience will participate with the website, return frequently, and will probably stay connected with your brand or business’s job.

This golden Lovie Award winner signifies a really intelligently designed, user experience concentrated site. With The Outnet for a business going from strength to strength, it surely owes a number of its year-on-year development of 90 percent -and to excellent digital layout.

The site shows authentic brand identity, using a minimalist, compact and, above all, upscale texture that attracts clients in and causes them to remain.