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Modern Web Frontend

Modern web front-end creates the first impression clients get when they see the website. Successful front-end development strategy implies creating not only beautiful and attractive website, but appealing to specific group of customers the company is aiming to attract. Perfect strategy results in customers` immediate connection with the website when they can clearly understand what for and how they can use the website to satisfy their needs.

Frontend development is also known as “client-side” programming as it creates the public face of the brand. If we compare a website with brick-and-mortar shop, front-end would be a place where clients come and buy products (they usually never see backrooms with boxes and other stuff). A brick-and-mortar shop with front-end would run out of products from its shelves very quickly. Just as a first meeting conveys a personality, frontend creates an impression that is crucial for clients` further interaction with the business. That is why well-thought-out UI and UX attract customers and promise them outstanding customer experience. Graphics and design of logos, products etc. are like a cover of an interesting and thrilling book you are willing to read in no time.

Many well-designed UI and mobile applications` front-end is nowadays built with such JavaScript-based frameworks as React Native (Pinterest, Bloomberg, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, Wix etc.) Vue.Js  (Facebook, Adobe, Xiaomi, WizzAir, EuroNews and others), Angular (PayPal, Gmail, Netflix, Walmart, Vevo etc.) These powerful frameworks help the aforementioned brands reach their communication goals.

React Native is a popular framework with strong developer tools that allow fast building of rich mobile UI for both iOS and Android. Vue.Js is a framework with growing popularity and lots of developers are willing to learn this technology. This framework helps to build interactive web interfaces and can be integrated into big projects with no issues. It has a powerful library that makes the process of web development easy. Angular is another popular framework with a number of built-in features and it`s supported by Google. It is flexible and allows to build high performance applications.

Our front-end specialists are happy to help you build successful and powerful websites and applications. “High Skill Web Solutions” Studio uses only cutting-edge technologies and solutions leading to high conversion.

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