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CMS Development

Magento and Shopify are principally designed for e-commerce solutions, and we take into account all your specific priorities to determine the ultimate decision on CMS development. We recommend Magento for huge online stores while Shopify for small and average-size online shops.

Nowadays online shops not simply list products, they offer experience to users where each step of business operation matters. And this is achieved with the help of e-commerce platforms and a variety of plugins. Magento is one of the great balanced services that is flexible and easy-to-use. The fact is more than 250,000 online stores (that is about 8% of all online stores in the world) use Magento. And that`s explainable as Magento has solid reputation, it satisfies almost every retailer`s needs, it is SEO friendly, extremely scalable and offers extensive documentation, trainings and support forums. But what is particular about Magento is that it requires solid development skills and Magento Enterprise is only lucrative for large e-commerce retailers as pricing starts at over $15,000/year.

Shopify is definitely one of the most popular e-commerce platforms as it is easy to get up and running without much technical knowledge required. It offers a scope of available features as well as more than one hundred free/paid templates to customize your store`s look and feel. The platform is SEO friendly, mobile-ready and offers a free fourteen-day trial. Taking into account all the pros of Shopify, it is no wonder that about 4% of all online shops in the world use the platform. The cons of Shopify is that it is not open source (and this may mean slower bug fixing and feature update process) and there are additional transaction fees for third payment gateways.

“High Skill Web Solutions” Studio offers proficient custom CMS development with as many plugins, modules and extensions used as required by the project`s specifications. With our CMS decision whether it is Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, website maintenance and content editing through user-friendly navigation is easy and stress-free. We have rich experience and are happy to offer you perfect e-commerce solution to satisfy your business needs.

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