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PHP, Node.js Development

When browsing the web, visiting different sites, using applications you can see only part as you might have heard or know that the largest part of sites and applications consists of back-end code and remains unseen by users. Back-end code powers the whole website and makes all buttons of the website front-end functioning. The back-end development process consists of several parts such as writing secure server-side code and code to interact with the database, deploying the code online etc.

Internal design of application is built by back-end developers and PHP is the programming language that is probably the most popular one in web development community. It is easy to install PHP as well as to get a page up and running and maintain when it`s necessary to fix bugs or add new features to a website or app. This powerful language created in 1994 is dynamic and has a friendly syntax and semantics which explains its popularity.

There are frameworks that structure PHP back-end code and really speed up development process as developers don`t have to start from scratch when using them. Also frameworks provide high-level security of a site and follow the MBC (Model-View-Controller). Laravel (released in 2011) is a highly rated PHP framework. It has a huge ecosystem, a local development environment (Homestead) and lots of features to speed up the development process. It is open source and meets programming needs of projects of all sizes and types. Another popular PHP framework is Yii2 as it provides clean and logical code base and is faster than other frameworks. It is object-oriented and has a powerful class code generator (Gii).

Node.Js is nowadays a buzzword in web development community as it`s becoming more and more popular. It is a JavaScript run-time environment that has a built-in library. It is fast, developer friendly and highly productive.

Our top-notch back-end developers are experienced in application architecture (a compilation of scripts, API`s, external libraries and tools) and use the best back-end technologies to build the actual logic behind the application. Choose “High Skill Web Solutions” for the hassle-free and smooth web development process that will bring outstanding results in the short run.

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