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Website audit

And website audit can give a clear picture of your website`s strengths and those points that should be optimized to conquer top Google positions, get the organic traffic and dramatically increase visibility.

Undoubtedly you can do your website audit yourself, but the help of an experienced specialist is crucial if talking about the ultimate way of audit and improving your website`s performance in the most efficient way. While performing an audit a webmaster collects a bunch of data through different tools that crawl the website and provide data on technical SEO, and also through Google Search Console, Google Analytics.

Starting an audit process the first thing a webmaster pays his attention to is technical SEO e. g. he checks whether all website pages are accessible for search engines and visitors, adjusts the primary address and redirects others, checks Robots.txt file, reviews HTTP Status Codes, checks site`s loading speed etc. Then he proceeds to audit of on-page and off-page ranking factors. The fact is a lot of important information is provided in the WordPress backend. There an experienced webmaster can find valuable data (as well as through appropriate tools): data on URLs, titles, headings, content, images, keywords, duplicate content etc. Later on he works on website usability and backlinks. As for backlinks it is important to keep in mind that 1 quality backlink (with high rank of a reputed website) can outrank a thousand of bulky backlinks. Also as trust is one of the essential factors on the World Wide Web special attention is paid to the website trustworthiness (making sure the website is free of spam, malware etc.)

All the aforementioned steps are just a brief description of website audit. If you are in doubt whether you need an experienced webmaster in order to conduct a quality one you should take into account that an experienced webmaster knows all the pitfalls of optimization as well as the “secrets” and the most efficient ways of SEO and business growth. Our experts from “High Skill Web Solutions” are happy to make a big puzzle of SEO work for your website success in the constantly changing world of Internet commerce.

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