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Conversion Rate Optimization

When working with the website and analyzing data an experienced specialist pays special attention to the behavior of site visitors as this is the most crucial marker that leads a site owner to getting profit. What makes site visitors stay, give preference to specific providers of online products and services and become their customers? That is probably one of the most essential questions for productive website optimization. And that is the question CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) method works with.
Sure, the key point is value your products or services provide to visitors. And if the value you provide has demand, it`s high time to turn to an optimization program.
CRO is often used for improving KPIs (key performance indicators), but that`s associated with attracting new visitors rather than converting them into customers. That is why CRO is mostly focused on conversion of visitors and consequently on getting better return on investment (ROI). Conversion rate optimization is also associated with creating and analyzing funnel to see the progress and understand where visitors drop off. This may result in removing of some complicated steps to simplify the process and improve user experience (UX).
It is interesting that there are several methodologies in CRO and two main schools. One school focuses on testing (in order to find the best way to increasing the conversion rate) while the other one focuses on the pretesting stage (in order to understand the audience and then create targeted content that will appeal to that audience). Definitely this optimization is aiming at attracting special category of customers – those who are the best fit for your products and services and who will be delighted by them and spread a word about your business (by the way we offer a wonderful WooPRO extension WooCommerce Social Share Discount that is the best option to encourage your clients to do so).
If you are at the moment looking for a specialist in CRO, the best place and time is here and now. Talented and skillful CRO experts that work in “High Skill Web Solutions” will take all necessary steps to build a unique CRO plan with techniques to fit your conversion goals.

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