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Web Analytics

Website audit

Website audit will give you a clear picture of your website`s strengths and those points that should be optimized to conquer top Google positions, get the organic traffic and dramatically increase visibility. While performing an audit a webmaster collects a bunch of data through different tools that crawl the website and provide data on technical SEO, and also through Google…

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Analytics review

Analytics and effective use of data is extremely important for further optimization of the website and improvement of its performance. If your website is not properly optimized and you are not on the page one in Google search you might be losing organic search game. And this makes analytics the key point of SEO strategy. There are enough analytical tools…

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Conversion Rate Optimizationn

Conversion rate optimization is often used for improving KPIs (key performance indicators), but that`s associated with attracting new visitors rather than converting them into customers. That`s why CRO is mostly focused on conversion of visitors and consequently on getting better return on investment (ROI). CRO is also associated with creating and analyzing funnel to see the progress and understand where…

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