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Today SEO is the key strategy to improve visibility and generate organic traffic. It is a long-term strategy that helps to enhance credibility and build trust. Quality SEO means better user experience and consequently increased engagement and conversions. While understanding the audience and precise goals do lead to building a winning strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is a long process that requires hard work and constant analysis. Complex on-page optimization includes usability analysis, analysis of competitors, pages content and images optimization, relevant meta-tags, internal linking etc. Off-page optimization implies work with links, catalogs, forums. Also age of a site plays an important role as the older the site is, the more loyal search engines are to the website. Thus it takes longer to optimize new websites.

Another important ranking factor is loading speed of your website and improving organic click-through rate (CTR). Making your content worth sharing and optimizing it for “Semantic SEO” are powerful techniques because you first of all optimize the content around the target keywords and second make it useful and valuable for visitors.

Google and the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo change their ranking methods and algorithms (thousands of algorithm changes a year) as they constantly evolve and become more refined. So do SEO practices. What we recommend is always focusing on white hat SEO practices to avoid penalties. White hat SEO means improving your website`s ranking organically and focusing on user experience. It always takes more time, but it is worth the wait as you will come out on the top in the long run.

Our SEO specialists at “High Skill Web Solutions” are knowledgeable in search engines algorithms such as Google RankBrain, Hummingbird, Penguin, Hilltop for instance, internet marketing, advertising, copywriting. We also pay special attention to website responsiveness across all platforms, including mobile devices and tablets as it`s a known fact that nowadays more than 60% of all searches on Google are done from mobile devices. We constantly grow and innovate. For each project we create a unique strategy that is the best fit for each particular case. Let your business shine with our high-quality SEO solutions.

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