Nowadays WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used for the building of the millions of websites on our planet as it is open-source, easy-to-use and comparatively low-cost. There are many options for different plugins, including commercial (e.g. WooCommerce), SEO and security plugins that block malicious requests. Moreover, it is quite favorable for Search Engine Optimization as Google likes WordPress websites and such websites are easily crawlable by search engines. Among the big-name brands that are making use of WordPress are Facebook, Sony Music, BBC America, Mercedez-Benz, Microsoft News Center and many others.

The fact is anyone who has some basic Internet skills can build websites using WordPress. It means that you can configure a WordPress site, upload a theme and install some plugins by your own. But will this be an excellent choice if you aim to do business online? Apparently not. Pay attention to the statistics that 35% of potential customers won’t buy your products or services just because you have a poor and generic site. Asking for professional help would be an essential alternative if you strive for originality, freshness and creativity if you want to avoid the pitfalls and get top ranking through genuine SEO.

But before you turn to a specialist we recommend you to explore WordPress plugins on the Internet to choose the ones that would be the best choice for your business and prepare a list of site features you will need. Take your time and explore the competitors’ sites to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each variant of realization. Install WordPress, get a domain and web hosting and try some modifications: choose a theme, add some content, plugins to familiarize yourself with the system. That will surely help you in future work with the website, cooperation with professional developers and will give you a better understanding of all peculiarities of WordPress, including some WordPress issues that might arise.

What are the common WordPress issues? These are an internal server error, WSOD (white screen of death), parse (or syntax) error, timed out connection etc. Professional developers perfectly cope with any errors and take every effort to make the website look flawlessly and operate smoothly. For example, during the WordPress theme development process they consider every detail of the concept and visual design so that you could get your ideal theme. Developers will also help you with WordPress plugin development without touching the core and making plugins as simple or complicated as you require. As flexibility is one of the most considerable benefits of WordPress (and such plugins as WooCommerce, for example, that is used for creating an online shop) the software components can be customized and modified to satisfy your requirements. Obviously, high-quality customization of WooCommerce is one of the keys to success. Once set-up, changes to the design or other parameters are sometimes tricky even for a specialist who sweats every detail. If you are lucky to cooperate with the competent person you will get real satisfaction from the smooth process and high-performance results. Moreover, a WordPress expert is practically indispensable if talking about issues that arise after WordPress updates.

Now it became clear that WordPress platform has a great potential that can turn into a marvel with the help of a qualitative developer who will customize the website with themes, plugins, editable templates etc. and write ingenious WordPress code to keep the website up and running over time.

Though it is crucial to find a WordPress developer this can be quite challenging as nowadays the market is overwhelmed with developers and the percentage of WordPress websites is now 40% of all websites on the Internet. Thus the quality of developers’ work is often poor and plugins do not add extensive functionality to the website. That is the reason why it is important to hire a WordPress developer who is high-skilled and experienced in leading the projects within his company, who barely started with the first WordPress versions and now able to fulfill the most complicated tasks. The experience of such a developer is proven over time.

Taking into account all the above the best solution for any WordPress tasks and issues is turning to High Skill Web Solution development studio as we know all ins and outs of WordPress development and can offer you perfectly optimized solutions to propel your business.

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